About Troy & Vaishali

We’re Troy and Vaishali, full-time traders and investors who primarily manage our own accounts. We share our market thoughts and trading strategies in our spare time here at Bull Markets. We employ a data-driven approach to beat the markets.

Our portfolio is split into 3 parts based on 3 time frames:

  1. Long term portfolio (2+ years): We employ a value-driven investment approach here, buying assets when they are cheap and selling assets when they are overpriced.
  2. Medium term portfolio (3-6 months): We employ a contrarian approach for this part of our portfolio. We buy when fear is rampant in the markets, ride the trend up, and then sell when everyone else is greedy.
  3. Short term portfolio (several days-weeks): We employ a short term trend following approach for this part of our portfolio.

We adjust the allocation for each portfolio based on the ever-changing market environment.

We use 3 different investment & trading strategies because EVERY strategy goes through ups and downs. Nothing works perfectly 100% of the time. Diversifying our strategies will smooth out our overall performance.


email: contact@bullmarkets.co