Amazon has reached $1 trillion. What's next

Amazon’s market cap reached $1 trillion yesterday. As a result, its weekly and monthly RSI are extremely overbought.
Here’s Amazon’s 14 weekly RSI

Here’s Amazon’s 14 monthly RSI

Is this a bearish sign for Amazon? Let’s see. Here’s what Amazon did next (historically) when its weekly RSI exceeded 85 (like today).

Here are the historical cases when Amazon’s 14 monthly RSI exceeded 90.

Click here to download the data in Excel


As you can see, Amazon’s stock is insanely overbought. When this happens, Amazon’s stock either:

  1. Made a short term correction (i.e. 1998 case), or…
  2. Made a flat top for 1 year before falling into a bear market (i.e. 1999 and 2007 cases).

Going long Amazon right now is not a good idea if you’re a medium or long term trader.
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