My new book!

My book is available on Amazon! The book is titled Buy and Wait: How to outperform, trade, and invest in the U.S. stock market
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The book demonstrates how you can easily and massively outperform in the long run by:

  1. Trading leveraged ETFs.
  2. Combining fundamental data with technical data to develop simple quantitative trading models that consistently outperform in the long term.

You don’t need a Kindle e-reader to read this book. Just go to, which will let you read the ebook on your web browser. Or you can download the Kindle app for free and read the book on your phone/tablet.

Here is the book’s Table of Contents

  1. What doesn’t work
  2. What does work
  3. How to outperform with Buy and Wait. Step 1: Buy leveraged ETFs
  4. How to outperform with Buy and Wait. Step 2: Use fundamentals to help you avoid massive drawdowns during bear markets
  5. How to outperform with Buy and Wait. Step 3: Combine fundamental analysis with technical analysis to help you predict big declines in the stock market more accurately
  6. Closing Remarks

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  1. troy, congratulations.
    it’s been a long time coming. Will the book show how to avoid market corrections in the medium term? I’d be willing to buy it

    • Thanks John.
      No. I show you how to avoid big corrections in the Membership Program.

  2. Congrats Troy. I pre-ordered your book and anxiously waiting to read it.

  3. Troy, in this book you present the Initial Claim as the most performing indicator to predict a bear market. Is there any reason why it is not used in the MLT model?
    I wonder if you can answer to this question in a post for members.

    • As a single indicator, Initial Claims is arguably the best. But when you combine other indicators (i.e. in the Medium-Long Term Model), you get a better signal with less false SELL signals.
      Also, Initial Claims data does not extend beyond 1967 (unfortunately).

  4. Book arrived today from Amazon. Half way through it. Of course most of this I knew from you blog already but its nice to have a physical copy of the book to put on my shelf. 🙂 Well done, Troy.

  5. This is a terrible book! I bought the Kindle version. 1) The book is completely superficial in content – no depth to it at all. Almost all of the content is on your website anyway. 2) Some of the images were missing. Fortunately I could get my money back from Amazon. Not too sure what you thought you were doing!? I am sure a far more comprehensive book with some real value-add could have been written given what you know. A book should be self-contained and not refer the reader repeatedly to outside itself. Further, the book was highly repetitious. As an example, a book like Smart Portfolios by Robert Carver is the model for a book you should follow

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