CoinLion Launches Token Sale to build a unique trading platform unlike existing crypto exchanges

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 CoinLion is a building a simple, powerful, and secure digital asset management platform that enables controlled, disciplined investment management processes digital assets easy and efficient.
CoinLion contains a unique portfolio management tool and profile system that rewards users for sharing portfolios, strategies, and information relating to the management of digital assets
The CoinLion platform is designed to address the challenges crypto investors face in the currently fragmented management and trading environment:

  • Existing exchanges and platforms have failed to deliver a powerful, secure, user-friendly platform that provides the tools, research, and education needed for the beginner, and advanced alike, to effectively manage digital assets.
  • Currently, there is a disconnect between the tools, research, and analytics that exist in the modern financial world and those that are available in the cryptocurrency and digital asset space to properly manage portfolios and execute strategies. This has created a cumbersome and confusing user experience, especially for the beginner.
  • Trading platforms today are also riddled with security issues that have caused a significant barrier to entry for a large percentage of the population. There is no trusted platform that provides crypto traders a community to learn, build, and grow their crypto holdings using simple and powerful tools.

The CoinLion platform consists of three main components working together to maximize the user’s trading experience.

  • A crypto exchange focused on giving users the best trading experience possible.
  • A portfolio management tool that allows for the easy creation and management of cryptocurrency portfolios.
  • A social component that rewards users who create and share portfolios, strategies, and information with other users.

 LION is a native token that interacts within the platform helping users learn, build, and grow. LION will create an ecosystem that rewards and incentivizes users to share and create portfolios, strategies and research related to the management of digital assets. Within the platform users can spend and earn LION in the following ways:

  • Spend LION:
    • Track and duplicate portfolios
    • Trade for FREE within the LION Market
    • Discounted trading when holding LION
    • Create and manage multiple portfolios with the Portfolio Management Tool
    • Access research and analytics within the CoinLion Library\
    • Access to ICOs launched on the platform at a discounted rate
    • Advertise portfolios and promote your content on CoinLion and other platforms
  • Earn LION:
    • Allow users to track your portfolios
    • Create and share content related to the management of cryptocurrencies
    • Create and share research
    • Create and share strategies with other users
    • Allow advertising on your public profile
    • Earn LION for being a top performer or researcher
    • Create research for the CoinLion library

CoinLion is dedicated to bringing leadership, stability, and simplicity to digital asset investing through a single, trusted interface. Through a compliant, user-friendly portfolio management platform, CoinLion enables users to purchase and trade with confidence. CoinLion users join a community of cryptocurrency experts, which empowers and incentivizes its members to create and share portfolios, offer trade strategies, and share research they need to make highly informed decisions. This ensures the sustained health and strength of the community and platform as it continues to grow. A native token, LION, can be earned and spent within the platform, based on member contributions and needs within the community. LION will be used as the currency that rewards and incentivizes member contributions to the community and serves as the payment to access these valuable assets.

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