Giveaway: 12 books + a special bonus giveaway

I want to thank everyone for their suggestions on how to improve Bull Markets. You will see these improvements roll out in the next few weeks.

The Giveaway

I am hosting a giveaway for my 12 favorite books about investing, trading, economics, and history. The winner will receive all 12 of these books, which I will have delivered to his/her doorstep. The 12 books are:

  1. Market Wizards (by Jack D. Schwager)
  2. Hedge Fund Market Wizards (by Jack D. Schwager)
  3. How to Make Money in Stocks (by William O’Neill)
  4. Technical Analysis from A to Z (by Steve Achelis)
  5. Trend Following (by Michael Covel)
  6. Capital in the Twenty-First Century (by Thomas Piketty)
  7. Why Nations Fail (by Daron Acemoglu)
  8. Business Cycles (by Lars Tvede)
  9. Liars Poker (by Michael Lewis)
  10. Buy Side (by Turney Duff)
  11. Straight to Hell (by John LeFevre)
  12. When Genius Failed (by Roger Lowenstein)

The special bonus giveaway

If we get 1000 new email subscribers with this giveaway, I will be giving another lucky winner 1 share of $SPY, the S&P 500’s ETF. This is valued at $265. This share will be transferred to your brokerage account via a standard position transfer.

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  1. What’s the catch here? Do u get website traffic reimbursements. Why are u giving all this away. And why are u so concearned with subscribers? What’s going on here?

  2. Sorry about the questions, to each there own. You don’t have to respond. Sorry for the nonsense

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