How to Invest in an ICO (Initial Coin Offering)

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An ICO is basically an IPO for a crypto currency. Like a stock IPO, it matters when you invest. Early investors can typically buy tokens at discounts. Early investors buy into what is known as the Pre-ICO. When firms launch their ICO, they might have a Round A or B or even C with the price going up in each round.
A good ICO to look at is World Coin Network. The Pre-ICO price is $0.14, round A is 0.22 and Round B at $0.28. People who buy into the Pre-ICO actually see a 100% gain before the World Coin Network even hits the exchanges (after Round B). Money is flooding into ICO’s and cryptocurrencies because the gains can be enormous.
Trading an ICO is like trading an IPO. Volume pops and prices (usually but not always) in the first few days of trading.
My strategy for trading an ICO when it hits the exchanges is to sell around 10-20% on the ICO release and keep the rest. Always hold on to some coins because you never know which coin can be the next Ethereum or 20,000% gainer. This is why it’s important to invest in many different ICOs. I personally know people who bought $5,000 into the Ethereum ICO and that investment today is worth around $13 million. Imagine if they had sold for a few dollars and missed out on these gains?
If you’re going to buy into ICOs, it’s important to diversify into a wide variety of them, one of which is the World Coin Network.
Like stock market investors, ICO investors should diversify and invest in different regions and sectors. Invest in the ICO’s that you believe in or think their concepts make sense. World Coin Network’s ICO is different from other ICO’s because it’s the first coin of its kind: made exclusively for the Middle East. Our vision is to bring stability to the Middle East through a digital currency as most fiat currencies in that region loose huge amounts of value; up to 90% a year like the Syrian Pound or Iranian Rial. With a better currency improving people’s lives and creating jobs with their lending platform, World Coin Network aims to enter a market that is thirsting for something like it. You want to be the first in any market when it comes to coins; if they gain traction the returns can be massive. The Middle East is an untapped market for crypto. World Coin Network’s first mover advantage could be powerful.
What do I need to invest?
You need Ethereum, Ethereum, and more Ethereum!! What’s Ethereum, you might ask?
It’s the crypto currency that most ICOs use. Over half of all ICOs use Ethereum’s blockchain technology and smart contracts. You can buy Ethereum on Coinbase and then transfer it to an ether wallet like MyEtherWallet.
Why can’t I buy the ICO and have then send the coins to my Coin Base account?
Because Coin Base sucks! No just kidding, they are fine. Because Coin Base currently only sells 4 Coins, and World Coin Network’s tokens have not been listed on any exchange yet. You would need to hold on to them until they start trading in your own personal wallet.
Crypto currency might seem confusing but investors should consider some exposure to all forms of this market. The current market cap of all coins is around $700 billion today; it was around $150 billion in Mid-2017. Some analysts predict that the market cap of all cryptocurrencies will reach $2 trillion by 2019 and $5 trillion by 2020. The market is far from mature, so be ready to take on some serious volatility and hopefully some serious gains.
ICO’s have one big advantage over IPO’s. The ICO market is open to small investors (most IPOs are only available to large investors and institutions). ICOs have leveled the playing field for average investors to invest in startups. ICOs are taking the power away from VCs and giving it to small investors. It’s a mini investor revolution that is giving small investors massive gains instead of just a select few VCs or Wall Street insiders.
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