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Hi everyone,
I am self-publishing a book titled “Buy and Wait: how to outperform, trade, and invest in the U.S. stock market”
This ebook will synthesize and succinctly demonstrate what I teach on the website: how to profit consistently in the U.S. stock market and outperform by using economic data-driven trading models.
Here’s a simple fact: most professional traders and hedge funds can barely beat buy and hold. This is because many conventional trading strategies and a lot of conventional trading “wisdom” is wrong – it’s no better than monkeys throwing darts at a chart.
In order to consistently outperform in the long term, you need to:

  1. Buy and hold leveraged index ETFs for the U.S. stock market.
  2. Sidestep the big declines by using leading economic indicators, which are also leading indicators for the stock market.

This book will launch in 2-3 weeks on Amazon. Right now, it is exclusively available to those who joined the book presale group from 3 months ago.
I will edit the book in the next 3 weeks. I encourage those in the group to share their thoughts on it so that I can make it better for everyone. (You can access the book group at
*This book does not explain what goes into the Medium-Long Term Model. That is reserved for the Membership Program.

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    • Hi Irene,
      The Slack group is a closed group. It’s for readers who joined the ebook group from a few months ago.
      Did you join?

      • Maybe I missed that post, I haven’t join the ebill geoup. Can I join now?

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