You are part of the Bull Markets Membership Program because you want to become a better investor or trader. At the very least, you want to be better than average. That is why you need an “edge”.
But having an edge alone is not enough. You need to have the discipline to systematically repeat your edge. The Bull Markets Membership Program will give you an edge over 90% of other investors and traders and it will teach you the discipline to stick to your edge. It’s an end-to-end system.
In this part of the Membership Program, we’re going to teach you the basics behind developing an edge in the stock market. This edge is not “let’s introduce you to technical analysis”. With 95% of other traders using technical indicators, that is not an “edge” in the stock market, as we have proven here.
We’re not going to teach you things that you can find elsewhere. That would be silly. Just Google it. It’s available for free everywhere online. You don’t even need to buy a book.
In this part of the Membership Program, we’re going to teach you a mindset – a way of thinking. Most traders and investors fail not because they didn’t discover the holy grail of trading indicators. Most traders and investors fail because their mindset isn’t right. Even if you have the best trading strategy in the world, you will fail if you don’t have the proper mindset. A proper mindset is necessary but not sufficient for trading success. It is the foundation. For life in general, building something without solid foundations is very dangerous.
A lot of people tell you how to trade. “Use X indicator, Y indicator, Z indicator, etc”. There’s too much of that. 90% of traders and investors don’t focus enough on mindset training: how to THINK ABOUT how to create a trading system.
Not only do we give you our trading models, we also explain our thinking when developing them.
I called this part of the Membership Program “rebuilding your mindset” because as an investor or trader with some experience, you’ve probably learned a lot of wrong things. So much of conventional “wisdom” in the investment industry is total BS. Plain and simple. I will not mince words.
It’s harder to unlearn the wrong things than it is to teach someone who knows nothing. This is because you need to first convince them that they’re existing beliefs and mindset are wrong. Only then can you show them the proper way. Think of this simple analogy:

  1. How much time does it take to fill a glass that is empty?
  2. How much time does it take to empty a glass that’s already full, and then fill the same glass with useful content?

By rebuilding your mindset, we are going to strip away every piece of conventional belief and examine it carefully. We are going to look at the data and the facts. Beliefs and ideas that stand up to the scrutiny of OBJECTIVE ANALYSIS will be kept, and beliefs and ideas that don’t stand up will be discarded.
A lot of what I show you flies in the face of conventional market “wisdom”. The sooner you realize that most professional investors and traders are no better than the average mom-and-pop investor, the better off you will be.
I do not want you to blindly trust me throughout this Membership Program. I want you to look at the data, numbers, and facts for yourself. In trading as in business and life, blind trust is never a good idea. You want to always look at the facts and numbers for yourself.
I will present the facts and numbers to you.
Troy Bombardia

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