Throwback Thursday: Sydney, Australia

Right now it’s -7 degrees (Celsius) and freezing here in Toronto, Canada. I’ve been here for less than a month and already I want to go back to Sydney. So it’s settled. I’m flying back to Sydney at the end of February. Sunshine, here I come!
Here are some pictures of Sydney from my Instagram (follow me @laylowcouple). I’ll add more pictures as the day goes on.

3 waterfalls in one #sydney #australia #mountains #water #waterfalls

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#sunset in #sydney #beautiful #australia

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    • Yes Ahmad, that’s my long term plan. The U.S. is definitely the place to be, and no place better than southern Cali (I’m thinking San Diego –
      somewhere where the surf is good).
      But for the next few years, the SO & I are just going to travel the world.

    • Looking at these photos and listening to “Sunny and 75” makes my day. I’ve probably listened to Sunny and 75 1000x over the past few weeks.

  1. Glad to hear you’re coming back Troy 😉
    I hope to catch you for a surf and to chat all things the Market!

    • For sure man. Except I might be going to NZ first & then travelling a bit with the SO. But I’ll definitely let you know!

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